Today’s court hearing -

"James Holmes attended a brief procedural hearing in his case in which the prosecution sought the judge’s permission to release contact information for the victims to a charity"

""People have been incapacitated or lost family members and are in dire financial straits," prosecutor Rich Orman said."

"Holmes was wide-eyed but didn’t show any reaction. He mostly looked ahead but glanced at Orman a few times."

"During the half-hour hearing, Holmes looked around the room and straight ahead but didn’t focus on whoever was speaking. However, he did appear to be paying attention to the proceedings. He furrowed his brow when someone in the courtroom laughed about a quip regarding the trustworthiness of using the U.S. Postal Service to notify each other of actions. When someone entered the hearing late, Holmes looked toward the door."

the University of Colorado - turned in 100 pages of documents requested by the prosecution, but one of Holmes’ lawyers, Tamara Brady, objected to the judge reading them. The prosecution wants access to the documents to help them make their case that a notebook Holmes sent to University of Colorado psychiatrist Lynne Fenton should be allowed into evidence. It reportedly contains descriptions of a violent attack.”

Sylvester said he would take up the issue of whether he could view the documents on Aug. 23, pushing back scheduled arguments over whether prosecutors can have access to the notebook for yet another week.”


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